I got a house!

And so it begins…the next phase of house buying. I successfully negotiated a price and now it’s into the stressful time of getting building, pest and bank approvals for the house of my choice.

For those of you playing along in numerology, it’s number 36. For the record, I’ve not had an even numbered house since I left my parent’s house. Weird, but true!

The fun part of this process is arranging furniture in your mind, thinking of what things you might do or not do to make the space yours.

One of the things in the mix is my daughter, who is nearly nine. She told me straight away she didn’t like the house and that it ‘didn’t feel comfortable’ for her.

What to do?

Obviously I really like the place and think it will be a nice family home for the both of us (and some cats!). Clearly it is important that my daughter loves it just as much as me.

So I asked her what we could do to make it more comfortable for her. Choosing a bedroom is a big one and in this house, there are three very nice rooms to choose from. I knew I’d be happy with two of them (the third one is a little small for my queen bed), so I let her choose from all three.

It made her no end of happy to be able to choose the ‘master’ bedroom, which in this case is a lovely front room of the house. None of them have wardrobes yet so it really didn’t matter to me. I quite like the other room as it has a built in book shelf – something novel for me. The size of the room doesn’t worry me as I think I’ll fit everything I need in there.

So kid is now happy and has a lovely space to make her feel good about moving.

And I have the fun of arranging furniture and the not so fun bit of getting the loan, the due diligence and the moving sorted!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,
A person

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