Hunting houses

House hunting. I’d forgotten how hellishly disappointing it is!

But it’s also fun and enlightening as well.

What sort of space appeals? What house calls or says no?

I’ve so far looked at five houses, with number six today.

This is what I’m looking for….

the house

I actually just wish I could buy the house I’m in right now. It’s exactly what I want.

What’s stopping me, you ask? Well possibly nothing, but it is a rental, and the owner may not want to sell. I may not be able to get the loan to buy it in this particular town – I need a 20 percent deposit according to my bank.

Wouldn’t it be great to just buy the house you currently enjoy living in and avoid a whole bunch of stress and bother (not to mention moving costs!)?

However, there are benefits to moving again as well. New spaces always bring new perspectives.

One of the houses, while not perfect, does feel very nice. It has a lot of rooms to use and it seems quite light and airy, which is what I need to live in a space.

Today’s house may also add to the list of rejects or potentials.

The key thing is to not have expectations. This is quite challenging, as there is a lot of emotional investment in searching for, and purchasing a home to live in.

Although I do like this other house, I need to consider this newest one that I haven’t even seen yet. Will I like it? What if it’s the one? How does that make me feel about the other one, especially since the other one is a charming character house and this one is a modern duplex?

Part of the thought process is about how long I’m intending to spend at this place. This could be influenced by a number of issues including the cost of living there; wanting to live with someone and where that might be; can I rent it out later and have it as an investment; do I consider it a short term (three years) or long term (foreseeable future) investment?

Ultimately it all comes down, in the end, to a feeling about a place. It either is or isn’t, the one.

Regardless, I’ll see the one I like again and will keep investigating my options to go to the landlord with an offer for my current accommodation. After all, if you don’t ask, it will always be no, right?!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person

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