Adventure Time

I’m watching Adventure Time with my eight year old. It’s often hilarious and also quite educational.

Right now Jake is powerless and has a man baby body because he ate a witch’s donut and didn’t apologise. Now everything is too hard for him and he can’t be bothered doing anything but wearing a hat.

So he goes back to the witch but she makes him do even more ridiculous things to apologise for the donut.

Eventually he gets to get his powers back but then does his usual Jake thing, takes her cane and steals another donut.

So lesson and then humour…Love it!

The kid loves it too, but I also love the concept of the whole show, which is about doing things for others, adventuring, getting out there and having fun.

And quite frankly, being a little bit silly!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,
A person

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