Kids vs the new girl

So once you split up a long term relationship with kids, eventually, after you’re single for a bit, you might, maybe, find someone who thinks you are OK.

Someone who might want to, you know, do it with you. Regularly.

And eventually you might want to hang out with that person more often. Maybe even hold their hand while walking around the shops.

But wait! You’ve got a kid! With kid things to do and parenting bits and messy stuff.

At what point do you decide the new girl, when you have one, gets to meet the kid/s? Or vice versa. I think.

This is the question that eventually I’ll ask myself. And the ace of hearts no doubt will have the same issue.

At what point do we introduce a new friend to our eight year old daughter? At what point do you say ‘darling, I’ve got a new person that I like a lot. You might see us doing things that your mother and I used to do’.

I’m sure the answer to this is very dependent on a number of different things. I look forward to hearing your comments on what you reckon is a reasonable time – or is it not about time but how serious the relationship is? Or what about how old the child is? Does that matter? Maybe it’s done in stages…or all at once?

Anyway, let me know because eventually I hope I’ll get to introduce a lovely new girl to my beautiful, precocious, emotional daughter.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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