Simple sunsets

Tonight I noticed a spectacular sunset. I even took a (crappy) photo of it.


When I got on Twitter, I noticed that a lot of people had also noticed the spectacular sunset in the region this evening.

It’s nice to notice sunsets. And sunrises. And pretty much anything else.

Do you notice things? Do you see the blue Fairy Wren in the grass as you walk to your car? Do you see the praying mantis on the jade plant at your door?

So many times we walk around in a daze, in our own worlds and our own heads, that we don’t notice anything around us. All the little pieces of beauty that make up our worlds.

I encourage you to try to be more observant. Try to notice one new thing on your way to work or school tomorrow (or today, depending where you are!)

And then I dare you not to be a little bit happy about it. Or maybe it will be something not so good, so you might be mad about it. Whatever it is, be happy/mad and enjoy it and then let it go…

And here is a quote from Cheryl Richardson:

Life is about growth, not safety.

When you notice things, you become more. You grow. It’s not safe to notice things because they might be ‘bad’ or uncomfortable. Then again, they might be wonderful and joyful too!

So go out and notice something, grow a little.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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