Ocean love

The ocean is for lovers.

Lovers of oblivion, of strength, of the never-ending-ness* of it all.

Lovers of waves crashing against you time and time again. Of salty, stinging eyes and the taste of sea in your mouth.

I love the ocean and I’ve just returned from two days in heavenly bliss – not only the ocean but the home of my spirit, my soul. This place nourishes me like no other, holds me gently in it’s windswept rocky arms, soothes me in water both rough and calm.

I spent my childhood at this place on the edge of Australia and I left my heart there. I love to take people I love there, I love to share it with them when my heart is so full.

For me the ocean washes away everything. Every good and bad thing is diminished in its wake, its waves, its power.

There is little time to think, and so the meditation is watching the waves, chancing the break, fighting the surge, pulling against the pull. There is no time to think about good things or bad things in this world. It is heavenly oblivion.

If the ocean is not your meditation, I hope you have something else to take you away. Something else that cleanses you, body, mind, soul.

‘I could die in the arms of the ocean and pretend they were you’

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe an bring
A person

*Yes I made up a word, but it’s a good one, no?!

Also, I just found this! How coincidental (is there any such thing?!)


2 thoughts on “Ocean love

  1. I love this! I feel like I had a similar experience recently in Kauai while I was there for a weekend with my sister. I felt incredibly peaceful & inspired. I even jotted down a few words to attempt to capture the moments.

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