2015 – No expectations!

Hello and welcome to 2015! I’m loving it so far, how about you?!

And no, it’s not because I hooked up last night, won lotto or in fact did anything spectacular.

It’s because I was empty of expectations. I let the last day of 2014 be whatever it was going to be. There was no pressure to perform, no need to worry or be anxious, no big deal. I enjoyed the company, the drinks, the food, the songs, the talking, the beautiful night, the stars and the hugs. It was lovely simply because it was not expected to be anything else.

2014 I called the year ‘full of potential’. Little did I know that potential can be good or bad, and if you’ve been following for a while you’ll know it was a rollercoaster ride of a year!

I’ve decided I’ve had enough potential for the time being! In fact, my new year is titled 2015 – No expectations. It will be the year it’s going to be and without any expectations, it will be enjoyable or not, moment by moment as it goes by.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want things or have some goals. It doesn’t mean I won’t be angry or sad or happy or hurt or ecstatic or orgasmic! What it means is that I’ll be putting things out there and letting things happen as they happen.

Of course I’m human, so you’ll read about my failure to have no expectations here on a semi regular basis!

I’ve looked back over 2014 and I look forward to 2015 without the 2014 baggage – well, most of it. There is still a little bit to sort out. That will be the hardest not to have expectations about I’m sure!

Anyway, I look forward to reporting in regularly in 2015 and on random topics, as per my 2014 posts!

Thank you for joining me and enjoy your first day of 2015 – I hope it was beautiful for you!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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