A year in review part 4

October – happy birthday to me?

This year’s birthday was a little flat to be honest. October was then I started to look for houses for myself and my daughter. I also had a few terse, tense and challenging moments with the pair of aces. I often felt like I was in a vice. And oh yeah, I spent the whole month waiting for my car to get fixed after a crash at the end of September.

What did I learn? Sometimes you just have to keep going through it to get out the other side.

November – moving on up

Finally, things were starting to look good! My daughter and I moved into a new place and the Farm was sold. Work was busy but also finally I felt like my head was back in the game. I participated in NaBloPoMo, which I enjoyed a lot and was looking forward to getting settled in the new place and getting back to writing my novel.

What did I learn? Creating your own space is incredibly important, no matter how great your host has been.

December – the elbows of doom

Almost as soon as things picked up, they came crashing down. My elbows became inflamed from too much work and finalising the Farm move. So I was forced from work and most of life to rest. Which wasn’t all bad because I did discover Scandal and watched all four seasons in two weeks! I Also, I got my feet sorted and walked 40kms during that time, which was great, but also developed a crush on my podiatrist…

What did I learn? That I really don’t like lounging around but with hot chick motivation things can happen!

Wishing you all the happiness in the Universe can bring
A person


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