The year in review part 3

July – leaving home

It was this month that I had to abruptly move out of my Farm, my home for the last four years. Not just a home but a nurturing space, a spiritual rest for me. It was wrenching and hard, but at the same time, although I was forced out, it was almost like ripping off the bandaid and I had a quick recovery because I chose to see it positively. Also, my brother made his home my home and that meant a lot to me.

What did I learn? Even if someone throws you off a cliff, someone else will be there to catch you. Seeing things in a positive light makes it easier to recover from something that is difficult.

August – the little bird flies away

This month was the first and best time that the little bird and I broke up. It was sad and full of heart and had no heat, no lies to it. Although having said that, one of the biggest lies was also discovered this month, which was forgiven but damaged the trust. The pieces fell apart after that.

What did I learn? Trust MY instincts.

September – oh those ouchy feelings

This was a month of processing, lesson, more processing, another lesson, processing again. It was a rollercoaster of emotion through which I could see almost no end but at the same time, the realisations, the learning that I got from it was irreplaceable.

What did I learn? Be conscious of your feelings, look at them, work them through, find the lesson. This is the most important thing. Oh, and keep going anyway, no matter the pain because eventually it will end.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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