A year in review

So I wanted to review this year to make sure I took what I could from it and launch into 2015 with some solid lessons and wisdom.

January 2014 – decisions

In January of this year I decided I was going to try to achieve my dream of writing. I rearranged my work so I had Friday’s off to look after my daughter, but while she was at school, I would have a few hours to write.

I was very excited about this decision and the steps I made towards it in January.

It never worked out that way.

What did I learn? Best laid plans and all that jazz… But it was empowering to make the decision and to move towards achieving it.

February 2014 – the arm

Not my arm. Her arm. It got infected and she ended up being in terrible pain and needing hospitalisation and surgeries. It was horrible to see her like that and there was nothing I could do.

What did I learn? I couldn’t save her, I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t even be there enough to satisfy her.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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