“Love is the only way out of that prison.”

Moving forward.

We all want to do it. We all want release from the past, the mistakes and the pain or suffering of them.

We want to be free of the people or job or house or situation that we feel is keeping us in stasis, holding us back.

We don’t realise that we are always moving forward. It’s just that sometimes progress is incredibly slow because we refuse to take the lessons that are needed to move.

And then sometimes it seems we can jump leaps and bounds week after week, the world, our minds, our hearts, all opening up and running forward.

Pace is all about perspective. Sometimes it’s nice to stay in one place for a while, learn slowly, and contemplate the lessons. Consolidate.

Other times you need to devour lessons, one after the other as they blossom in front of you and open up previously hidden doorways in your heart and mind.

Sometimes you just have to go sideways and take some other turns before you can go towards the space you are meant to be in.

Whatever way, you are moving forward at the pace that is right for you, despite what you might believe.

I found the quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert about Iyanla Vanzant’s forgiveness tactic. I’ll leave them here for you. They helped me a lot. They helped me move forward. They helped me move on.

iyanla1 Iyanla2

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
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