Totally fangirling over the entire show – How To Get Away With Murder

OK, so if you have not been watching How To Get Away With Murder, then what have you been doing?

For a starters, it’s awesomely tricky and smart. A great legal drama that has you on the edge of your seat every episode.

Wound around the courtroom is the mystery of who killed Sam, the husband of the head legal eagle, Annalise Keating, and did HE kill Lila Stangard, a young student at Middleton University.

Twists upon twists.

Also, the ensemble cast is cracking in all the right directions. Viola Davis is totally amazing as Annalise – she kills it every episode and is raw, edgy and quite frankly, totally sexy.

The rest of the cast is multi-racial and intensely talented, as they navigate their way through the maze of covering up Sam’s murder while trying to get drug dealer Rebecca off Lila’s murder charge, which she is co accused with Griffin, Lila’s boyfriend.

I do call out specifically the multi-racial cast. It is a feature of the shows produced by Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, who also produce medical Grey’s Anatomy and political drama Scandal. Also a feature is strong, intelligent female leads within the ensemble casts.

I have yet to watch Scandal although I’ve seen many people impressed by it. Grey’s Anatomy is a favourite of mine but How To Get Away With Murder is much edgier and darker. The writers on these shows are amazing, I’m in awe!

Also to be noted is the inclusion of gays and lesbians on all the shows, both as reoccurring and episodic characters. The ease at which these characters are inserted and nurtured is a testament to Rhimes and Beers. There are any number of other shows that could easily incorporate gay characters but don’t, or have multi-racial main characters, but don’t (I’m talking about you, Once Upon A Time).

Anyway, I’m getting off-track.

HTGAWM is addictive, sexy (including gay male sexy) and clever. You can both laugh and be horrified in the same episode.

Go watch it. All of it.


Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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