If you haven’t seen these films, what the hell are you doing?

Had a good idea for a blog. Now I’ve forgotten it.

So I’ll write about how good the kids movies are this year.

  • Maleficent.
  • The Lego Movie.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy.

All have humour and heart. I’ve seen all of them more than once.

Maleficent is just magnificent. Angelina Jolie is too good as the lead character and the beauty, not just physical, that she brings to the pain of Maleficent is so amazing. Lots of talk has been had about how she portrayed the loss of her wings, stolen by Stefan and representing a date rape. It gives me chills. Elle Fanning is lovely as the young Aurora. The only quibble I have is Stefan’s voice…gosh it grates on me! But the beautiful way the movie progresses and moves Maleficent to love is both poignant and funny. The three fairies that care (loosely used word) for Aurora during her childhood provide many comic moments.

The Lego Movie is just full of crack ups! The big stars that played the voices clearly had a wonderful time and the movie never takes itself too seriously, while having plenty of heart and lessons about being special for the younger kids. Quite frankly I could watch this film again and again, there are so many one liners! The story of Emmett the ordinary Lego man, who ends up becoming ‘the special’ from a made up prophesy and his adventure with Wildfire is too funny as they try to avoid President Business’s (Will Ferrell) Bad Cop (Liam Neeson). Wildfire’s boyfriend is Batman. Do I need to add more?

The Guardians of the Galaxy is based on a Marvel comic book, so you figure it is going to be campy with silly humour and it totally fits that bill. I’m surprised Nathon Fillion isn’t in this to be honest! Peter Quill/Starlord and Gamora get arrested along with Groot and Rocket (bounty hunters) while trying to sell the orb he’s ‘found’. The animated characters are the perfect comedy duo and Rocket has more one liners than we deserve! Groot in fact is the heart of the movie and caused me to cry real tears in the movie theatre. Not a frequent occurrence I have to say. Teamed up with a kick ass 70s sound track, GotG rocks along through its set pieces and I defy you not to find it amusing as they all camp it up trying to stop baddy Ronan from getting their prize – a too powerful stone that destroys all who touch it.

Normally this is not a film review site but I’ve enjoyed these movies immensely this year. They have offered me laughs when I needed them and multiple ones at that. I highly recommend if you haven’t seen any or all of these that you (legally) get your hands on a copy and watch. I dare you to only want to watch them all once!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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