Creating your own space

If I thought I was tired yesterday, I’m more tired today after a big day of shopping! My feet are now officially killing me!

Meanwhile, I’m bereft of ideas to write about, but here it goes!

The lack of music has been annoying me – or the frustration of having it, then not being able to get things working again. Getting them working then not being able to get other things working…you can tell I’m not very technical when it comes to audio equipment!!

However, I have now got a nice simple little speaker working so I’m enjoying my music, finally, while writing this in my new bedroom. I’ve got the bed ready to go, a picture on the wall, the clothes are getting sorted (well OK, that’s probably a stretch to be honest!)

It is lovely being in a couple and doing all this stuff together. It really is. But it’s also incredibly awesome to be able to go, I want that doona cover, put the bed there and the shoes over there, and no one is going to argue about it.

I’m not saying that I’ll never want to negotiate those things again but for now, I’m enjoying the freedom of creating a space that is entirely mine, and not full of compromises that naturally have to occur between couples in this area.

I think this is why men often go have sheds that they create. They need a space entirely their own. I totally get that. I don’t want that (the shed thing), but I totally get it.

Did I mention how awesome my new little speaker is? It’s Bluetooth so I hooked up my iPad to it for my music collection. The collection isn’t that big anymore because I need to redo all the CDs into my new iTunes. Very annoying but you get that! However it is enough to shuffle around Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift’s 1989, Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, Sia 1000 Forms of Fear, Paloma Faith and a few others. Oh, and U2 which I ended up with but don’t really want. It’s a Sony, in case you’re wondering. Best thing was it was free with my actual stereo that I got but haven’t set up yet.

So I hope to be able to resume my usual programming of random topics soon and not just make this a blog about moving house! But that’s what you get with NaBloPoMo – a daily dose of my life!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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