Heart singing and soul dancing

‘Do those things that make your heart sing and your soul dance. Love and allow yourself to be loved’ (@ChoicezNL)

For anyone who has been reading my blog for a while, they will know that it is:

  1. a little random
  2. got a lot of posts about how I broke up my 15 year marriage to my wife.

I’ll let any new readers trawl back if they wish, but the above quote is essentially part of the reason I left. My heart was not singing and my soul was not dancing. That doesn’t mean the ace of hearts is a bad person or indeed that I didn’t love her.

However, I just wasn’t happy. And while we can’t be happy all the time, it was more that it was the presence of unhappiness than the absence of happiness. It was the negativity I felt about what was happening around me that was the problem.

So now I’m on my journey and I am happy. Or at least I have the absence of unhappiness. It has taken a while because there is a lot of processing on both sides, a lot of stuff to go through, a lot of physical, task based issues to deal with that keep you in a state of limbo for some time.

But now we are nearly past this and it’s getting better.

I’m feeling excited to be in my own space. This is excitement I haven’t felt for some time. Different from being with someone, this excitement is about the personal journey ahead for me and this base that I will have to do that from.

I’m looking forward to 2015 but who knows what will happen then – not me! However, I think there will be more heart singing and soul dancing for me, and that will be awesome!

Meanwhile, the last part of that quote – Love and allow yourself to be loved – is important. Yes, it’s important to love others but it’s also important to allow yourself to be loved. To let someone into your heart, even if they might break it. It’s hard and scary for some of us, but I hope that I will experience some more of that practicing of loving and being loved next year.

I also hope those that I have loved and that have loved me will also continue to love and be loved in the future.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person



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