Tea towels, mugs and scissors

So I’m finally moving house and packing the final items in the next few days. I’ve discovered there are two types of items…

Things you suddenly think of that you’ll need when you split a house (or move out for the first time):

Cling wrap – or in fact anything in that third kitchen draw like foil, baking paper or freezer bags. You don’t immediately think of them but you’ll go to use them within 48 hours of moving and then be like – crap it!

Toilet roll holders – yep, where do they all disappear to, and do you really want second hand toilet roll holder anyway?

Toilet brush – trust me, get a fresh one for your new abode, but you probably won’t need one until the first visitor arrives and you go to give it a quick swish out…then you’ll be like – crap it!

Scissors – where are they even when you are happily ensconced in a house? You can never find them then, so trust me you’ll go to use them at the new place and realise it’s just easier to take a trip to the supermarket and get another pair. I swear scissors and one socks meet, fall in love and run off together!

Pillows – oh sure, I’ve got my pillow but what about the guest bed? Do you want the 15 year old stained lumpy ones that have been living in the top of the linen cupboard? Ewww what is with us that we don’t throw out old pillows? Anyway…crap, nobody come visit until I can get to Big W!

Washing up sponges – go to wash something the first night…OH CRAP IT!

When going through the house, you’ll also find a whole bunch of stuff that you haven’t used in years. Stuff that you will have too much of:

Tea towels – let’s face it, some of those bastards are gonna be more than 10 years old and you’ve been carting them around forever. Probably can spring for some fresh ones, eh?

Cups – what the hell with cups/mugs? Are they on some sort of fertiliser that grows more in the cupboard when you aren’t looking? I swear I packed a dozen and gave away at least that many more (plus about 8 random sized glasses) to Vinnies. Where did they all come from?

Sheets – so you buy a new pair of sheets every now and again but rarely do we part with the old pair…and so I’ve now got far more sheets than I have beds. First world problem…

Candles – some new, some half burned. Some that are almost completely dead but somehow we’ve thought, ‘shit, that’ll come in handy at some point!’ Probably only burn as long as the match that lit it but OK! Again, what the hell…do they have a breeding program in that drawer?

However, after all that, in a few days it will all be settled and you’ll be in your new space!

I went through mine today and I’m so excited to be moving next week. Still a little bit of packing and deconstructing to go but it’s all so close now.

As I said to the real estate agent when signing the lease – if you’d told me on 1 January that I’d be doing this now, I would not have believed you.

However, this is the way life is…you have expectations of what might happen but then suddenly, you are on a completely different path.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person



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