Found a place to rent…smiley face!

number 19

Well, there you go, it’s done!

In the end I got a house that was in another town (about 8 mins away) and almost brand new with a beautiful outlook. Here’s hoping it will be lovely, as I haven’t seen inside of it yet!

So now to all the tasks.

These blogs, on the daily, are more about the minutiae of real life. So for those who are used to it all being about the feeeeeels, I apologise!!

But it’s action stations now because I have nine days and then I move.

I’m full of frenetic energy and excitement…I’m really looking forward to having my own space and this seems like quite a nice one. At least if I don’t like it I can just cross the road and look at the view!!

As soon as you make the commitment though, suddenly you are full of thoughts like – Oh shit, now I have to get everything organised! Like electricity, gas, INTERNET.

The removalists are booked, the real estate agent has confirmed the date and the parents have been warned. Yes that’s right, even at 43 you still need your parents!

And they were actually the first people I told, because I know they have been worrying about me and where I’ll go and what sort of accommodation I’ll end up in. They will be happy it’s a nice new house. Probably not as happy that it is an extra eight minutes drive away! They truly have been incredibly supportive over the last few months, well, since April, and I so appreciate everything they’ve done for me. I can’t wait to have them over for lunch in my new place!

Not at all oddly, I’ve ended up with an odd numbered house. In the last 15 years I have lived at number 15, 43, 21, 37 and now will be at number 19. Some sort of weird as well, the ace of hearts has ended up at 119, so she continues the tradition also!

I’m super happy right now but feel like there is a million things I should be doing! However, there really isn’t anything except compile lists of what I need to buy and count the dollars as they go out the door!

Nearly $2000 just in bond and first two weeks rent is one thing…then there is washing machine, cutlery set, a plethora of kitchen and pantry goods. A new mattress. Eventually a BBQ. And a stereo! A bigger fridge in a little while once we are settled. These things add up but it will be the bare essentials initially until I can save up for the others.

If I don’t stop writing this is just going to devolve further into babble and I do want you to come back again, dear reader!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person



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