Finding a place to rent…frowny face

My life right now is about trying to find a place for myself and my daughter to live.

We’ve been staying with my brother which has been great, but a little cramped, and I’m looking forward to having my own space again.

The problem is that there is always that dissonance caused by the amount of rent you pay as to what you get, and if you’ve been a home owner, a fair amount of ‘doh!’ attached to it as well.

Of course renting is completely valid and there are a lot of pluses – no rates for example and no expenses if something needs fixing.

However it also means asking permission to put a hook in a wall or panicking about that party you have with friends who like red wine.

I’d prefer to buy but at the moment that is not an option, so renting it is.

Then there is the ‘it’s too dark, too small, overpriced (this is annoying because the house is fine but they want more than what other properties are asking for the same thing), too not-available-until-after-I-need-it, too…something.’

So now I’m looking at my fifth place in a market where you’d think there wouldn’t be that much to wonder about.

And it’s starting to bug me because now our old house has settled, we have a date to be out and I’m keen on getting on with my life. Moving forward. Especially before Christmas.

So I’m seeing another house tomorrow that is overpriced on the hope that the owner will negotiate the rent a little. It’s a little strange because you’d think they’d prefer to have a good tenant in paying rent than it vacant, but maybe they have plenty of cash?

We actually own a rental and are quite aware of the pitfalls of investment properties. We didn’t buy in the right location for ours, so although we eventually found an excellent tenant, we don’t have capacity to increase the rent and selling the property is taking some time.

So fingers crossed that this one works out, because I really don’t want to go back to the guy who wouldn’t budge on his overpriced place with no air con or ensuite for $30 a week more than the house that has those, but isn’t available for two weeks after I need it.

Where ever you are, I hope you appreciate the space that you are in. And if you don’t like it, can you change that situation somehow? Maybe you can’t move, but maybe you can bring some light into it – even with a clean-up, a few flowers or moving the furniture around.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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