Just be real

So I had a friend today tell me about this girl she liked. She liked her until, after multiple days and texts, she finally admitted that she had a girlfriend.


Two things:

Firstly, who goes around giving out their number to people who and actually have a girlfriend (or boy, if you are that way inclined)? Like, you don’t get that privilege anymore lady! Yeah, maybe you can flirt a little but numbers? Not on my watch!

Secondly, how is her girlfriend feeling? Does she know her lady love gives her number out to people? If that was my girlfriend I would not be impressed. I’d be pretty pissed.

So, note to people… You can hurt people who think you are available by giving them your number when you actually have a girlfriend. So don’t fucking do it.

Just be real for freaky freaks sake! If you don’t wanna be with your girlfriend then let her go and move on but geez, don’t lead people on and then say, ‘errr sorry I’m taken’. Jerk. Ass. Move.


Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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