The halfway mark

My life right now is a daily discovery of wonder and terror.

I can’t tell you how much that excites me, as well as how much it hurts.

I started this year, 2014, with two things. First thing was that I wanted to write more. I made a commitment to move at least in the direction of my dream. I made space in my schedule and I got a scrap book to write in. I pulled out my ‘how to write film’ book and started reading it. I started to write this blog when things became a little bit too stressful to focus on storylines or character development.

The second thing I did was have a mantra – 2014 full of potential. If you come here via Twitter you might have seen it on my bio.

Now I have to say, that when I was thinking 2014 was full of potential, I did not actually know what potential that would be. So six months into the year and wow, potential has definitely been activated.

To start with, I actually have been blogging regularly and people have actually been reading regularly…who would have thought!

Next, I’m potentially homeless after splitting with my wife of 15 years. That was a surprising one but if you open yourself up to the potential of the Universe, then you have to listen when it punches you in solar plexus and says ‘you need to do this now’. So I’ve had an incredible amount of feelings in this last six months. Potential indeed.

I began a new job – I didn’t have any choice in the matter, it was a restructure. This had the potential to go either well or badly, but I have to say my boss and my team are awesome and I’m having a great, if slightly stressful time with it. Now the potential is again running, with restructures and job cuts in my department. Potentially unemployed? I sure hope not! Potentially challenging my job skills – definitely!

Along with the split of my marriage came a number of potential opportunities. The potential to be a new person, a better me. The potential (now realised) of doing something personal for me like getting some new tattoos. The potential of travelling overseas is also spinning around above in the ether.

Finally, at the six month point of my year of potential, the potential to meet new people, engage in new relationships and experience new ‘old’ emotions. Like attraction, nerves, terror, doubt, wonder and joy. The potential to experience these relationships in different forms – online, offline.

At this halfway mark I’m feeling pretty good about 2014 my year full of potential. I’m excited and terrified at what the next six months will bring but I’m confident that either way, day by day of that rollercoaster will be another opportunity to become more of the person I am meant to be. More of the person I want to be – the better person.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person



One thought on “The halfway mark

  1. I wish you happiness and fulfilment on your journey into new life. You’ve experienced such pain already this year yet I’m already feeling inspired by you. Well done you for making such progress and holding your head up high along the way. 🙂

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